Leave it to the Donald to produce some quality Virginia juice!


Donald Trump and his entourage have taken over what was once Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyards, and are already producing some pretty solid wines. Virginia reds have never really appealed to me as the terroir has been seemingly incapable of producing quality grapes. However, this 2009 New World Red Wine is proving otherwise. Definitely crafted in the old world Bordeaux style, the alcohol is a very understated 13% (most California reds like this would have alcohol levels of 15% or so) and the wine has an overall subtle feel. Enticing aromas of black cherry, plum and cassis are surrounded by sweet spices and a nutty edge. The acid and tannins are well balanced, making it a rather food friendly option, while the finish hangs around for much longer than I had anticipated. Would I spend $35-40 on this bottle… probably not. But I think this is a promising sign of things to come from Trump Winery, and hopefully Virginia wine in general.



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