Happy #ChardDay !

With the Twitter craze in all its glory, the wine social media industry has taken full advantage and delegated holidays for certain grape varieties and regions. Today happens to be #ChardDay (they all have the hashtag included so you can search for relevant tweets on Twitter). Since Chardonnay continues to be one of the most (if not THE most) popular wines in the US, I figured I would share my current fave.

It’s the 2009 Double T Chardonnay from Trefethen. Trefethen’s estate Oak Knoll Chardonnay is one of the better known Chards in all of Napa for its quality and somewhat reasonable pricing. This Double T comes from the same estate, but is produced from the fruit off the younger vines and spends less time in oak. So what does that mean?  The fruit is a bit cleaner and brighter then in the estate Chard. Also, while the oak integration is still noticeable, it does not overpower the wine with those rich and creamy buttery notes that many Napa Chards suffer from. This wine has a nice dose of those characteristics but the green apple, pear, citrus and some popcorn nuances maintain the focus on the palate. Pair it up with a hearty shellfish dish or sip it on a hot summer day. Either way, this is a wine worthy of picking up for #ChardDay. Oh, and for under $20, it is certainly one of the best value Napa Chards around.



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