Is Morton’s Steakhouse in White Plains Worth the Price of Admission?

Anyone who has been to a top tier steakhouse as of late is aware of how expensive a night out for dinner can be. Steaks are clearing the $50 mark (Yikes!), sides are $10-15 a piece and wines are running on a 300-400% mark up from store prices. Yes, you read that correctly. Most steakhouses will charge 3-4 times the price for a bottle of wine over what you can get it for at the store… and not even off the sale price!

That being said, few experiences can rival an evening of decadence and hedonistic pleasure that only a high end steakhouse can offer. After recently enjoying a wonderful meal at Morton’s in White Plains, and paying a pretty penny for it,  I found myself asking the age old question… was it worth it?

Let’s do this the old fashioned way and look at the pros and cons. There are many pros as dining at Morton’s can certainly be a memorable meal. The cuts of beef are huge, cooked to near perfection even if it takes a second try, and flat out delicious. Servers are knowledgeable, attentive and display excellent presentation skills as exhibited in their explanation of all the meat and seafood options while you are enjoying your pre dinner cocktail. They really put on a hell of a show!

There is a refined and distinguished ambience to Morton’s that a lot of steak houses don’t carry, as some can be a little testosterone driven. The wine list is large and amply diverse, but no so overwhelming to be intimidating. There are always Magnum value options too which are great for groups when one bottle just ain’t gonna cut it.

OK, now for the cons. Well there’s really just one… the massive damage it leaves on your credit card bill! To enjoy all that Morton’s has to offer, meaning ordering an appetizer or two, each person getting their own steak, having a couple of sides (as the steaks are totally a la carte), finding a “reasonably” priced bottle of wine, desert and coffee, you are looking at dropping about $300 a couple after tax and tip… and that is without going over the top on wines, lobsters, after dinner drinks, etc.

I put reasonably in quotations because even if you are trying to go with something inexpensive from the wine list, you will be hard pressed to find anything under the $60-70 mark that you would want to pair up with beef of this quality. There are times to drink an inexpensive white wine or Merlot, but not when you have a juicy, mouth watering 56 dollar piece of NY Strip staring you in the face.

So this leads us to the final verdict….is it worth the price of admission? The answer…it can be. Everything is obviously relative so if spending a few hundred bucks for a night out to enjoy a really solid steak dinner doesn’t put a huge dent in your armor, then go for it! But if you are saving your weekly pay check to splurge on a Morton’s dinner, you may want to rethink that plan.

There are so many wonderful dining options in White Plains, and Westchester in general, that you could spend half of what you would there and still enjoy a great meal at over a dozen different local restaurants. Or you can do what I did and cash in on those AMEX points and grab some Morton’s gift cards… then the decision is  a no brainer.


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