Get out and taste in North White Plains!! Two great spots with great juice flowing….

Looking to taste some wine before heading home after a long week? Then get over to North Broadway in White Plains where there are two wine shops pouring some really nice wines right now.

The Wine Professionals are showing about 5 different European wines. Included in the mix is a Vinho Tinto from Portugal (Duoro region… quite tasty), a Tempranillo from LaMancha and a few Italian wines. The gems being a nice, fruit forward Sangiovese from Umbria, a value Nero D’Avola from Santa Margherita for around $8 and a stellar Valpolicella Ripasso. The Valpolicella, or a baby Amarone, was certainly the best of the bunch and even though it rings in around $20, definitely worth it.

Grapes- The Wine Company has 2 wines they are pouring this evening. The standout of both tastings being the 2006 Etude Pinot Noir from Carneros. Lots of ripe cherry and spice, yet very soft and supple. Absolutely delicious, and for around $37 it should be. They also have a white blend from the Cotes du Ventoux region. Nice fruit with ample amounts of floral and lemon zest flavors. Great summer wine for the warm days ahead, and a good deal at $11.

Again, the best way to learn about new wines as well as wine shoppes in the area is to get out and taste!! These stores want you in there tasting for free as they know if you try something you like… you’ll probably buy a bottle or more! Yet, there is never any pressure to do so… so if you just want to grab a drink after work, you can hit it up for that too 😉

Below is a link with the addresses to both spots…cheers!


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