Some alternative options if Manischewitz is not your first choice this Hanukkah…

Put on your yamaca, it’s time for Hanukkah! Although I don’t celebrate Hanukkah, many of my friends do and I love to partake in the festive dinners that go along with this holiday. I do not, however, love Manischewitz. No offense to those who do.  As I always say everyone has different tastes. But if you are with me, and I gather many of you are, here are a few other Kosher alternatives.

Two words….Baron Herzog. This winery makes quality value Kosher wine from all over California, and most of the wines are under $15 a bottle. The Cabernet and Old Vine Zinfandel (from Lodi) are the standouts, with the Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc being nice options on the white side.

Bartenura makes an array of Italian wines that run around the same price. Like Baron Herzog, all of their varietal (grape) options are solid.  The Moscato, which is a sweet, desert style wine, is delicious and usually runs under $10.

Teal Lake, a winery in Southeastern Australia, is also putting out some respectable Kosher options. True to the area, the Shiraz and Cabernets rise above their other wines. But the Chardonnay has a lot going for it as well, made in the cleaner, lean, fruit style. These wines also run anywhere from $10-15.

But if you’re willing to break the bank a bit, Hagafen, located in the heart of Napa Valley, is the way to go. Their Pinot Noir and Cabernet are both outstanding, but literally every wine they put out is a winner. The price tag will run anywhere from $15-40 on the whites and $30-50 on the reds, so you may need to skimp out on the Latkes a little if you want to serve these gems 😉

Locally, The Westchester Wine Warehouse on Route 119 in White Plains seems to have the best Kosher wine inventory at pretty fair prices. However, if you purchase a case (mixed or the same bottle) at The Wine Warehouse they will give a 15% discount, which is well worth it since they have a very large selection of wines in general. Enjoy….and Happy Hanukkah!!


2 thoughts on “Some alternative options if Manischewitz is not your first choice this Hanukkah…

  1. Dear Marshall, I finally read your blog. you are doing an amazing job and I am so pleased in seeing some of my favorites: King Estates in Oregon and naturally always Trimbach. I know that vineyard well. My familie’s vineyard is about 20 miles away from Trimbach on the other side of the Rhine. There are so many great small vineyards but they do not export. It is such a pity. Merry Christmas to you and Kathy fondly Ruth

  2. Thanks Ruth! And you are so right, unfortuantely so many wines from the smaller vineyards never make their way here, such a shame….best to you and the family as well.

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