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Don‚Äôt Forget About The Willett House!!

This past Friday night my wife and I went to the Willett House to celebrate my birthday. They had participated in a LivingSocial promotional deal where they offered a price fixe dinner for two for $80. Included in the meal was a soup or salad, an entrée, dessert, coffee AND a bottle of wine! Of course the wines were pre selected, but they were pretty solid selections including the Il Ducale Chianti from Ruffino, a Glass Mountain California Chardonnay and a Cava Sparkling White. We went with the Cava since we brought in a bottle of red for our steaks (only a $25 corkage fee). All in all a VERY good deal!

The possible downside to these deals of course is that they skimp out on the amount of food they serve and rush you out because they want to make room for customers that are paying full price. I assumed that would happen to some degree at The Willett House since we went on a Friday night, but it was the complete opposite.

Astoundingly the place was pretty empty and most of the people there were utilizing the LivingSocial promotion. It was almost sad to see as in its prime The Willett House was THE Steakhouse in Westchester.  I guess the lack of patronage is a true sign of the economy, as well as the influx of new restaurants in Westchester, and more specifically Port Chester.

The meal itself was delicious. I went with the French Onion Soup (killer) and the NY Strip Steak. While it was a smaller portion than on the main menu, it was still a 12 oz cut which was plenty. It came with a vegetable or a potato, so we were still able to have our creamed spinach and hash browns with the promotion. The steak was cooked perfectly as you would expect from a top tier steakhouse…simply awesome! On top of the food, the service was also top notch boasting a knowledgeable and friendly staff that kept a great pace throughout the meal.

While the décor is a bit outdated (although I personally enjoy the old school feel), I still contend that The Willett House is one of, if not THE, best steakhouses in Westchester. Sure, there are a lot of new options around now (BLT Steak, Morton’s, Ruth’s Chris, etc.), but pound for pound this is the kind of place where I truly enjoy dining. No attitude, fancy frills, or hidden charges. Just good cuts of beef, an extensive wine list, wine served in beautiful Riedel glasses, and a charming atmosphere. So the next time you are looking for a kick ass steak dinner, consider giving The Willett House another shot… I know I will.