Another Successful TapHouse Beer Dinner featuring Westchester’s Own Captain Lawrence!

With each of these Beer Dinner events, The TapHouse in Tuckahoe heightens the quality and creativity in both their menu and pairings. This time around the local brews of the Westchester based Captain Lawrence Brewery were featured. The six course meal was accentuated by a wide range of Captain Lawrence’s top selections that were paired perfectly by the culinary prowess of the TapHouse staff.

The first course paired a Kumamoto Oyster in a cucumber and grapefruit mix with CL’s Kolsch. This clean and crisp lager style beer is great for summer drinking and really enhanced the mild sweetness of the oyster. This was followed up by an exceptionally tasty Maine Lobster Roll which was served with the CL Saison. While it may have been simple, this was my favorite pairing of the night. The fresh and subtle herbs and spices in the lobster roll brought out all the clean orange and tangerine flavors in the Saison… really a well thought out combination.

Sticking with the seafood theme, the Steamed Crawfish and Lump Crab in a creamy Creole Mousseline was up next. This course was paired with Captain Lawrence’s flagship brew, the Fresh Chester Pale Ale. The creamy richness of the beer matched up well to the consistency of the spicy sauce without being too overpowering. As the courses moved on, so did the alcohol content in the beer selections as the CL Imperial India Pale Ale was up next. At a blurring 9% alc, this hoppy and malty concoction was served with a Spicy Braised Pork in Lettuce Wraps that just melted in your mouth. This is now on the TapHouse menu and is worth the price of admission.

The final meat entrée was the most daring pairing (yes I do know I’m a poet) of the evening. Rabbit wrapped in Bacon in a White Bean and Foie Gras Ragout was coupled up with the CL Smoked Porter. Man was this course a mouthful! The potent meaty and gamey aspects in this dish are about the only things that can stand up to this behemoth brew. And to cap off the night the Chocolate and Raspberry Mouse was teamed with CL’s St. Vincent’s Dubbel. Loaded with brown spice, rum and raisin flavors, this 8.5% doozy makes a nice addition to most desert dishes.

If you have yet to attend one of these Beer Dinners I highly recommend it. Even if you are more of a wine drinker than a beer drinker, it is really eye opening to see how the right food can bring out some amazing flavors in a well crafted brew, and vice versa. And as good as The TapHouse always is for a quality meal, they really step up their game for these specialty Beer Dinners…so be sure to get there for the next one and have a cold one with the WWG!


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