Check out these Great Westchester Restaurant Deals!

While no one seems to be able to tell what is going on with this economy, one thing is for certain… it is bringing about some wonderful opportunities to dine out in Westchester. The restaurant industry has gotten hit like everything else, so in an effort to drum up business, certain places are offering some fantastic deals. Below are a few dandies that are worth a visit.

On Thursday and Friday nights Crabtree’s Kittle House in Chappaqua offers 50 cent Little Necks and $1 Blue Point Oysters. On the beverage side, every bottle of California Chardonnay is 50% off. There is so much back vintage inventory on their wine list that you can find a number of quality bottles for $30-50…at full price!  Which means you’re drinking it for $15-25.  Since they have a fully temperature controlled cellar with over 70,000 selections, you know what you’re drinking should have held up over the years.

Speaking of 50% off wines, The TapHouse in Tuckahoe and Ruby’s in Rye (both owned by the Pearl Restaurant Group) offer this on ALL wines for their Sunday Brunch. It’s a great way to try some of the more expensive wines you typically would avoid, or just a good reason for some Sunday afternoon drinkin! Both restaurants offer delicious and reasonable brunch specials as well.

Peter Kelly’s X20 in Yonkers is also a great brunch hot spot.  For $38 you get 2 full courses, 1 desert and unlimited Champagne… and they are NOT afraid to pour. Beautiful Hudson River views help to make this quite an enticing venue to spend your early Sunday afternoon.

While all these deals are solid, the most inviting promotion I have seen lies within the high end steakhouses of White Plains. Both Morton’s and BLT Steak have put together Happy Hour menus for both food and drink. You can now go into these expensive, fancy restaurants and get a glass of wine for $4-6 and appetizer plates (sliders, mini filet sandwiches, steak tartare, shrimp cocktail, etc.) for $5-7.

While they are not huge dishes, they are definitely an acceptable size…and the quality is all there. Plus, you know that any wine being served by the glass in a well established steak house such as these has to be quality. Just a fun way to enjoy the experience of eating out without having to spend the weekly paycheck on a NY Strip Steak…which is still fun too.

Have you found any great local restaurant deals? Would love to hear about it….


Get those 2005 Bordeauxs while you still can!

There are many important factors that come into play in producing top class wines. One of the most important is something that the wineries and winemakers have zero control over, climate.

Mother Nature can be a mad scientist, and during any given year can wreak havoc on entire vineyards in multiple regions. However, there are some years when she smiles upon those same regions, and the combination of perfect climate, healthy soil and vines, and proper harvesting can lead to an abundance of great wine. Such is the case with the 2005 Bordeaux wines.

The 2005 vintage in Bordeaux has been called one of the best EVER by most experts! This is based on how the wines tasted straight out of the oak barrels before they were even bottled, and how they showed soon after bottling. Now these wines have had some time to age in the bottle and are showing what they are made of…and they are rockin!

It’s one of those years where it is hard to find a bad wine from anywhere in the region. Overall the fruit is still concentrated and lush, but the tannins are mellowing out making for smooth and velvety wines. Not only are they drinking beautifully now, but they are still in their mid life and most will continue to age even longer!

The point being these 2005 Bordeaux wines are really something special yet are dwindling in inventory. So go out and grab some while you can! There are so many sub regions, Chateaus and labels in Bordeaux that each local wine shop will probably have their own favorites in stock. I have listed a few of my go to Bordeaux value picks below (most are pretty readily available), but the truth is almost any Bordeaux with that magical 2005 number on it is going to be truly enjoyabe. Cheers!

Chateau Greysac (Medoc)  –   $10-15

Chateau Bonnet (Bordeaux) – $10-15

Chateau Morin (St. Estephe) – $14-20

Domaine Baron de Rothschild Reserve Speciale (Bordeaux) $14-20

Chateau Senilhac (Haut-Medoc) $18-25

Chateau Clairefont (Margaux) $20-25

Chateau des Graviers (Margaux) $25-30

Chateau Laroque Grand Cru Classe (St. Emilion) $37-45

Chateau Talbot Grand Cru Classe (St. Julien) $50-60